Speaker Evening: “Tools Not Rules” – Caroline Preece

Speaker Evening: “Tools Not Rules” – Caroline Preece


May 8, 2024    
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Hampers Green Community Centre
North Street, Petworth, GU28 9NL

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Caroline Preece is the daughter of Margaret Preece, a long-standing member of Chichester Camera club.   In 2015 she gained her LRPS distinction and in 2019 she became a photographic judge and now judges at clubs across the UK.   This journey has taken her into the world of photography as a visual language, visual design and the psychology of how we interpret the visual world around us and led her to reject the concept of rules altogether, thinking instead in terms of tools.  If we understand the tools at our disposal we can then use them to better communicate through our photos.

 Her own photography is a reflection of both her life pre-Covid in London and her rural upbringing in a small country village.  On the one hand she is drawn to human elements and stories, documenting everyday life, chance occurrences, and captured moments.  But then she seeks an escape from the hustle and bustle and creates minimalist landscapes and seascapes which for her represent ‘space to breathe’ away from the urban density of city life. She is a member of Loughton Camera Club which is on the London Essex border.

Her talk is entitled Tools Not Rules. The objective of her talk is to introduce to people a different way of thinking about photography and composition. The first part of the talk covers photography as a visual language. In the second part she aims to provide club members with an understanding of the psychology behind how people interpret the visual elements within an image, and the impact of their choices on the end image and how the viewer experiences it. The talk is based on psychology and is about empowering people to make informed decisions as opposed to worrying about rules and whether to break them.